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Special Experiences in Local Japanese Communities

Special Experiences in Local Japanese Communities
Special Experiences in Local Japanese Communities
Number of winners
2 people
Retail price
Approximately 10,000 yen
Contest period
September 15 – November 30, 2020
Sponsor company
JSTO / Voyagin
Prize description
Win the opportunity to enjoy special activities in local Japanese communities, courtesy of Voyagin. We’re giving away special trips that include cultural activities and outdoor activities.
The winners may choose their favorite from among the following five plans.
  1. 【Gifu】 Make Wagashi Sweets & Stroll Around Hagiwara-juku in Gero
  2. 【Tokyo】 Okutama Forest Therapy Tour and Healthy Nature Walk
  3. 【Ehime】 Shikoku Henro Pilgrimage Near Dogo Onsen in Matsuyama, Ehime
  4. 【Mie】 Glamping and Grilled Seafood at Ise-Shima's Strawberry Beach
  5. 【Fukuoka】 Cut Bamboo With a Katana Sword and Enjoy Japanese Cuisine
Delivery method/location
Winners will be notified directly.
Acceptance period
Until October 31, 2021
Important notes
  • Tours may be cancelled due to natural disasters or at the discretion of the tour company.
  • The present consists only of the tour. The winners themselves are responsible for round-trip tickets to Japan, travel expenses within Japan, lodging expenses, meal expenses, and other expenses required in order to participate in the tour.
  • This present is valid only for the winning individuals. Rights cannot be transferred.
  • Cash refunds are not possible.
  • For more details, please visit the Voyagin website.