Terms of use

Important notes

  • Application may be unavailable from some smartphones and PCs.
  • Internet connection fees and service fees are borne by the contestant.
  • Gift exchanges, refunds, returns, transfer of winner’s rights, or other such acts are not allowed.
  • Cancellation or changes to this campaign may occur due to unavoidable circumstances.
  • Applications and winner’s rights are rendered invalid in the following situations:
    • The shipping address has not been registered within the shipping address registration period;
    • A single household or residence wins multiple times;
    • Falsehoods or inadequacies regarding the contents of the registered shipping address’s information exist;
    • The prize cannot be sent due to ambiguity surrounding or long-term absence from the contestant's address, inability to reach the contestant, or other such situation;
    • The official account is no longer followed by the time a direct message is sent from it;
    • The contestant’s Instagram or Weibo account has been deleted before the gift is shipped;
    • The contestant’s Instagram or Weibo account has been made private;
    • A fraudulent account (fictitious account, account pretending to be someone else, multiple accounts belonging to one person, etc.) was used in the application (including instances violating Instagram’s or Weibo’s terms of use);
    • Any other fraudulent acts in relation to application.
  • This promo has no relation to Facebook, Inc. or SINA Corporation. This organization bears no responsibility should contestants be unable to apply to this promo in such instances as Instagram or SINA Corporation maintenance or problems.

Handling of personal information

Personal information received is used for no other purpose than use in this promo.

Contact regarding this promo

Contact the email address below using your full name when sending an inquiry.

  • Inquiries are taken either in English or Japanese.