Japan Shopping Festival is one of Japan's largest shopping campaigns for foreign tourists. It is held twice a year. Department stores, shopping malls, electronic appliance retailers, and outlet stores participate and offer a variety of discounts and events. A promotion including free airline tickets to Japan will be held.

Event Period

July 1 - August 31, 2018


Japan Shopping Tourism Organization (JSTO)

Official Sponsor

JCB Co., Ltd.

Japan Shopping Festival Official Sponsor

Special promotions

Ⅰ. 【CLOSE】Celebrating an Expansion of Tax Exemption

A new tax exemption program operated from July 1, 2018, offers foreign travelers more convenient ways to shop. Come enjoy shopping in Japan!

We are holding a promotion to celebrate the start of Japan Shopping Festival. The Promotion “Enjoy Tax-Free Shopping! Win a Japan Airline Round-Trip Ticket to Japan” on Facebook for two weeks from July 1 through to 13, 2018.

Comment below the promotion post to complete your application by telling us “WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BUY and WHERE DO YOU WANT TO BUY IT IF YOU VISIT JAPAN THIS SUMMER?”.

  • To book/purchase the ticket TO Japan, click HERE
  • To book/purchase the ticket IN Japan, click HERE

※External website

Ⅱ. 【CLOSE】Experience the Japan Culture in Tokyo Edo Week

Become a kimono-wearing beauty! Tokyo Edo week is the largest celebration of Japanese culture and food in traditional Japanese kimono.
Win a chance to be one of five people to enjoy a kimono-wearing experience!

We are holding a promotion “Experience the Japan Culture in Tokyo Edo Week” on Facebook for four days from July 17 to 20, 2018. Comment below the promotion post to complete your application by telling us “WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE JAPANESE CULTURE?” Please write as specific as possible.

What is Tokyo Edo Week?

It’s like a trip back to Edo period?! Tokyo Edo week is the largest celebration of Japanese culture in traditional Japanese clothes, kimono.

This celebration, marking the 3rd anniversary, offers traditional Japanese clothes, culture and foods in unique styles. The venue, decorated with an old style shop entrance curtains(Noren) , chinese lanterns (Chochin) and an open air umbrella (Nodate-gasa) , are full of people in kimono style with an exotic atomosphere.

Celebration period July 26 through to 29, 2018
Location Ueno Park



Ⅲ.【CLOSE】Enjoy driving within Chugoku and Shikoku region.

Why not drive on the highway in Chugoku and Shikoku region?

There are a lot of world heritage sights and stunning views in great nature along the high way. Another way of enjoying a drive on the high-way is, of course, its “Service Areas” which offer local gourmet foods and local souvenirs. Explore more attractive Japan on your way of driving! Japan Shopping Festival 2018 Summer now runs a promotion “Green drive campaign! “. Have a special experience this summer!

Period July 1 through to August 31, 2018
Location Chugoku and Shikoku region, Japan
Website http://japanshopping.org/hktojp(Traditional Chinese)

JSF pick-up stores

Welcome to our shops! There is much useful and valuable information for you about sales, events, and recommended items.Please check below for details!

Many Sales & Events

Attractive discounts and promotional events are held
at participating stores.

※Discounts and event periods vary by store.


JAPAN SHOPPING COUPON can be used at participating stores.

*Coupons expiration dates and types of services may vary by store.

Enjoy your trip to Japan luggage-free with us.

Book easily with your smartphone,
have your luggage transported anywhere in Japan,
and feel at ease with our multilingual customer support.

LUGGAGE-FREE TRAVEL in Japan 10% Off Campaign for JCB cardmembers.

Enjoy Fruit Picking & Shopping for Souvenirs.

When taking Japanese fruits overseas as souvenirs, there are three general rules depending on the country or region of your intended destination and the kind of fruits.Get familiar with the rules of your destination and taste a load of Japanese fruits.

Search for fruit-picking farms.
The season and times for harvesting vary by both crop and location.

Daily Shopping News

Our staff at JSF will highlight information on prime events and tourist destinations based on the latest shopping news.
Please ask us questions on our official Facebook page.

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